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About Us

Welcome to our District -- Home of the Eagles.

The Clayton Ridge Community School District is located in beautiful northeast Iowa. It extends from the banks of the Mississippi River through some of the most scenic towns, farmland and woodlands of the United States. This district was formed from the merger of two traditional rivals, Garnavillo School District and Guttenberg School District. These two districts began sharing athletics in 2000-2001, and whole grade sharing started the following year. The two districts officially merged in 2005, and the process was considered to be very successful.

Kindergarten through fourth grade classes are held at the Guttenberg campus, fifth through eighth grades are at the Garnavillo campus, and grades nine through twelve are located in Guttenberg.

It is the policy of the Clayton Ridge Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, creed, age, marital status, socioeconomic status sexual orientation, gender identity or disability in its educational program or employment policies as required by titles VI & VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, and Section 504 of The Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Clayton Ridge prohibits harassment and bullying of or by students, staff, and volunteers based on actual or perceived characteristics listed previously in this section plus mental disability, physical attributes, ancestry, political party preference, political belief, or familial status.  The district maintains records of teachers and their qualifications in the superintendent’s office meeting the requirements of Title I.  Life/Fire safety information, crisis plans and asbestos abatement records may be requested for review from the superintendent’s office.  Contact Superintendent Mr. Wahls for service related to nondiscrimination/equity, affirmative action, Title I qualifications, and life/fire/asbestos safety at phone 563-252-2342.  Contact 4 - 8 Principal Mr. Wahls or PK - 3 and 9-12 Principal Mr. Peterson for bullying/harassment or abuse of students by employees warranting Level I criminal investigation at phone 563-252-2341.

District Mission Statement:

The mission of the Clayton Ridge Community School District is to provide equal and quality educational opportunities for all students in preparation for their role in our changing democratic society, and changing world.

District Vision Statement:

The Clayton Ridge Community School District believes that its school shall provide a safe learning environment, be student-centered where individual needs are met, seek community involvement, and pursue and examine educational trends as they affect the instructional program.

District Belief Statement:

We believe that:
All people have infinite worth.
A quality education evolves from a partnership of students, staff, family, and community that is equal and active.
Seldom is anything ever accomplished without risk.
K-12 education is the foundation of the lifelong learning process.
The higher the expectation, the greater the achievement.
Growth occurs as a result of changes and challenges.
Each person is accountable for his or her actions.
The family is the primary influence in the development of the child.
Diversity enriches both the individual and society.


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