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All third graders are starting a rock collection.  Your child will need to find rocks of different shapes, colors, and sizes.  Your collection should not have a lot of rocks that look the same or are collected from the same place.

Make sure that the rock collection consists of rocks that your child has found!

Your child will need to have 40 rocks by Friday, September 27, 2019.

The rock collection will be graded.

By Tuesday, September 3, your child will need 5 rocks for the first assignment.

Also, by Tuesday, September 3, your child will need a small shoe box or other box to decorate for the rock collection. We will store the rock collection boxes in our lockers, so they cannot be any larger than 9” x 9” or they will not fit!



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Science Unit:   Living Things grow and Change


Video:  How to plant Wisconsin Fast Plants


Wisconsin Fast Plants Experiment - Data Entry

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Bonnie cabbage student information 








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