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Third Grade field trips and events:

Rock Exhibit 2019


Rock Quarry Field Trip, 2019











Pike's Peak and the Wetland Center


Field Trip to Iowa's Dairy Story


Halloween 2018



Third Grade Rock Show on October 4, 2018



Rock Quarry Field Trip on October 3, 2018



Third Grade Plagman Barn Trip on September 14














3rd Grade & Preschool Lock & Dam Tour 2018


Wetland Centre and Pike's Peak


NICC Dairy Trip



Third Grade Rock Exhibit and Community Projects 


Third grade field trip to Plagman Barn


Third Grade Field Trip to Edgewood West Rock Quarry









Slideshows from 2016-17 school year:

Lock and Dam 10 Tour


Effigy Mounds and Pike's Peak Trip 2017


Mrs. Palmer's Class Field trip to NICC Dairy on May 15, 2017


Mrs. Connelly's Class Field trip to NICC Dairy on May 15, 2017












Slideshows from 2015 - 16 school year:

Effigy Mounds and Pikes Peak    May 6, 2016


Rock Quarry 2015


Rock Exhibit 2015


Plagman Barn 2015


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