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ISASP Resources for Students

ISASP Daily Checklist

1. Open your Laptops and check the battery level. Plug in to power supply if necessary before you begin the test

2. Make sure you are on the CRCSD wifi network

3. Quit any open applications

Go under the Apple to FORCE QUIT, Quit everything except FINDER and TestTNAV

4. Open System Preferences

A. Disable Siri

B. Disable Dictation

C. Change Notifications to Do Not Disturb

D. Remove screen savers

E. Change desktop wallpaper to a static picture that does not change

F. Close System Preferences

5. Open TestNav and make sure Iowa is listed at the top

6. Run an App Check

7. Return to TestNav login page and wait for your proctor to give you instructions


Complete the following tasks:

1. Find and open your Applications folder. (In FINDER, click on the top menu and go to GO, then choose Applications or go to LaunchPad) Do you see the TestNav app in your Applications folder on your laptop? If you don't be sure to tell your teacher!

2. ISASP Training Modules for Students. Complete the following three modules:

A. Working with TestNav8 Navigation:  this tutoriall shows you how to move through the test. Use the blue arrows at the top left of the screen to navigate the tutorial.
B. Working with Online Tools in TestNav: this tutorial shows you how to use the tools that may be available within the test.
C. Working with Online Test Questions: this tutorial shows you how to work with different test questions.

3. Infrastructure Trial/Test - if you are a part of the infrastructure test, you will be given sample login credential tickets which will only be used as a part of the trial/test of our infrastructure. You will be given your own personal credential tickets to be used on the day of actual testing.

NOTE: Do all of these steps before taking the actual tests as well!

A. Go under the APPLE to Force QUIT - make sure to Force Quit ALL applications.
B. Go to System Preferences and follow the directions in the video below:

How to fix common App Check errors in your System Preferences - video

  • In Notifications: Turn On DO NOT DISTURB from 8:00 - 3:00


  • Go to Keyboard and turn off Dictation.

  • NEW - In System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Savers, set your screen saver to "Start after 30 Minutes"!

C. Open TEST NAV and do an App Check - see video below

If you have a student who has used TESTNAV to take an AIMS Web assessment, they will have to switch to the Iowa Assessment: Switching from AIMS WEB to Iowa Assessments - video.

D. Go back to the TEST NAV Sign In page, and enter the login credentials on your ticket.
E. Begin the test!

4. Practice Tests for Students. Note* the practice test columns are highlighted in GREEN! Click on the link in your grade level to access your practice test.

ISASAP Practice Tests

Grade *Reading Reading


*Math Math
*Science Science
3 Reading 3 R Rubric 3 Lang/W 3 LW Rubric 3 Math 3 M Rubric 3    
4 Reading 4 R Rubric 4 Lang/W 4 LW Rubric 4 Math 4 M Rubric 4    
5 Reading 5 R Rubric 5 Lang/W 5 LW Rubric 5 Math 5 M Rubric 5 Science 5 S Rubric 5
6 Reading 6 R Rubric 6 Lang/W 6 LW Rubric 6 Math 6 M Rubric 6    
7 Reading 7 R Rubric 7 Lang/W 7 LW Rubric 7 Math 7 M Rubric 7    
8 Reading 8 R Rubric 8 Lang/W 8 LW Rubric 8 Math 8 M Rubric 8 Science 8 S Rubric 8
9 Reading 9 R Rubric 9 Lang/W 9 LW Rubric 9 Math 9 M Rubric 9    
10 Reading 10 R Rubric 10 Lang/W 10 LW Rubric 10 Math 10 M Rubric 10 Science 10 S Rubric 10
11 Reading 11 R Rubric 11 Lang/W 11 LW Rubric 11 Math 11 M Rubric 11    

ISASP Practice Tests with Text to Speech

Text to Speech
Text to Speech
Text to Speech
Text to Speech
3     Math 3  
4     Math 4  
5     Math 5 Science 5
6 Reading 6 Lang/W 6 Math 6  
7 Reading 7 Lang/W 7 Math 7  
8 Reading 8 Lang/W 8 Math 8 Science 8
9 Reading 9 Lang/W 9 Math 9  
10 Reading 10 Lang/W 10 Math 10 Science 10
12 Reading 11 Lang/W 11 Math 11  





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