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ISASP Home Page

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On The Day of Testing:

ISASP Daily Checklist for Students

1. Open your Laptops and check the battery level. Plug in to power supply if necessary before you begin the test

2. Make sure you are on the CRCSD wifi network

3. Quit any open applications

Go under the Apple to FORCE QUIT, Quit everything except FINDER and TestTNAV

4. Open System Preferences

A. Disable Siri

B. Disable Dictation

C. Change Notifications to Do Not Disturb

D. Remove screen savers

E. Change desktop wallpaper to a static picture that does not change

F. Close System Preferences

5. Open TestNav and make sure Iowa is listed at the top

6. Run an App Check

7. Return to TestNav login page and wait for your proctor to give you instructions


ISASP Daily Checklist for Teachers

1. Make sure a test session has been created for the test you are about to proctor.

2. Have the student test ticket login credentials printed and available.

3. Have the Teacher Directions for Administering the Test available to read to students.

4. Sit in a position that enables you to monitor student screens at a glance.

15. Remind students about the need for scrolling to read all portions of the tests.

6. NEW - If a student times out of the test or you have to resume a test for whatever reason: How to Resume a Student Test

7. Remind students about the importance of doing their best on the tests, not only for themselves but for our school as well.

Teacher Prep Checklist Training for Teachers

There are three parts to this training:

Step 1: Understand the test experience

✓  Work through the Working with TestNav 8 Navigation module. You will need the module open as well as a practice test that can be found at this link, or this link for students on our school website (Open one for your area).

Step 2: Review practice test questions and navigation tools with students before the test day.

Step 3: Prepartion for running a live test session with students

  • ✓  Review Chapters 2-5 of the Test Administrator Manual for an overview of how to administer the test and how to keep the testing environment secure.

  • ✓  Ensure a district or school coordinator has given you a user account on the site and you can log in.

  • ✓  Ask Julie or Steph for the student test ticket credentials.

  • ✓  Review how to start, pause, and stop test sessions.


Test Administrator Manual

Accessibility and Accommodations Manual

User Role Matrix

Sessions Basics

Setting Up a Test Session

Monitoring or Changing Student Test Status

Teacher Directions for Administering the Test - this is the script you will read to students on the day of testing prior to taking the test.

Training Exercise: Local Infrastructure Trial

Training Modules

Managing Students in a Session - note the modules in the top left drop down

Monitoring an Online Testing Session - This module is a brief overview of the tasks you may need to perform while serving as a test administrator of an online test session.

TroubleShooting for Online Tests - tips for fixing issues.

Infrastructure Test Training Video




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